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Date: January 26, 2009





I had another topic selected for this weeks CRM Tip, but this one seemed more appropriate.

Why did I change to this topic, the "Power of Giving"? 

It started with a few questions going through my mind about, How can giving really increase and benefit my business?  How can giving something away lead to increase?

Does this concept really work, or is it all a bunch of bunk?

Let me explain a bit more.

I am on the Board of Directors for our local YMCA and have been on the “Oversight Committee” for the area YMCA for many years.  I also work with the kids and coach basketball all as a Volunteer.

We are about to kick off our Annual Giving Campaign called, “Building Strong Kids”. 

As I thought about this year’s campaign and the current “State of the Economy”, I was taken back by the already huge increase in requests for the YMCA’s services and by “How are we going to meet this huge increase in demand?”. 

The YMCA is a Charitable Organization (501(c) (3) organization), doing great work with kid’s and the community.   Learn more about the YMCA from Al Colby our Chairperson for this years campaign.

Last year at our local YMCA we gave out $198,000 by way of Scholarships, Pprogram assistance and Subsidies to Kid’s and families in need that would not normally be able to afford the YMCA or have access to these programs because of cost.

No one is turned away from the YMCA. This year more and more people will have need of our assistance.  I say "Our" because the YMCA is part of me now.

Then it dawned on me…  the light bulb went on.  The “Power of Giving”, is one of the most powerful CRM Strategies available for us as Creatrepreneur’s, (Entrepreneur’s) and business people.   

I know you are asking WHY?  And What does this have to do with success in my business? 

As the light bulb went on…  this quote came into my mind… 

“Man did not weave the web of life he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”  - Chief Sealth – 1854 - Seattle is named after this great man.

We have been told for a long time that it is “Better to Give than Receive”…  “We will feel better for giving etc, etc”…  but...  How and why does it work that way?   

Interestingly, Dr. David McClelland, of the Harvard Medical School and contemporary of Abaham Maslow, provides a powerful and interesting answer for us. 

Many years ago, he
conducted an experiment, which I like to call the “Power of Giving” experiment, The results of this experiment clearly explains why and how this can be such a “Powerful Business Tool” and some insight as to how this mechanism works.   

Dr. McClelland, set out to test the effect of our thoughts on our human immune systems.  I have extrapolated these results to businesses.  These results are for individuals, when we take a higher view Businesses react much the same way as individuals.  So, I think the results can apply...  and apply Big Time...if we can dis-spell our critical side..

The experiment was detailed but for brevity, he basically showed two videos to groups of people. 

Video one, was about Mother Teresa doing her work in India.  Video two, was a video depicting the Holocaust.  He then tested the effect “Viewing” these videos had on the  “Human Immune System” for the groups taking part in the experiment.

When the groups viewed the Mother Teresa video their immune systems increased and became stronger.  When they viewed the Holocaust video their immune systems were depleted and became weaker.

Can you imagine the impact on our human bodies, IF we actually performed the same acts that were portrayed in the two videos?!!!

And this is where the POWER part comes in…  Both the “Giver and Receiver” experienced the same Positive Effects and the same Negative Effects…  and to the next POWER, the Power of 3..  when people observed these Positive and Negative Actions they were likewise affected… on and on..  gaining in strength…

This is why I believe that the “Power of Giving”, can be a very effective, positive tool to use to help our businesses grow…

Also the "Power of Giving" works in a positive manner or a negative manner...  If we give kindness to another, that kindness grows...  If we give pain to another that pain grows..

"The choice is ours to decide which one we want to experience."

What do you want to choose?

Here are some tips we can use with our businesses to kick in this “Power”.

1- Find a worthwhile Charitable Organization and “Give to that Organization”, either in time, resources or dollars.  Better yet do all three…  My Charitable Organization is the YMCA,  If you really want to totally experience the "Power of Giving" use this Donate to YMCA link, we can really use your help in spreading this good message...  I could not resist this ASK...  I have already given....  and it feels great...

Team up with other businesses to help these organizations meet their needs. Form a joint venture arrangement... and both organizations can benefit and extend their reach.

3- Set up a Matching Contributions Program.
If your employees make a contribution to a charity your business can increase the effectiveness of that donation adding to the "Power of Giving" for their gift.

Find unique ways to help that may not cost very much  (for example… a close friend of mine, who I play basketball with, great ball player, he played at the D1 level…  He and his wife are doing triathlons now and he has recently come on to our local YMCA Board.  This friend of mine works for Geico and Geico has a campaign going, where if their employees refer a potential customer for a “Rate Quote”…  the employee gets compensated  My friend and his wife have decided that the money that comes into them by way of compensation for this "Quote Referral Program",  will going directly to our YMCA.)   I know this friend of mine is a bit like me and would not appreciate me sharing his name.  So "No Names". We don't want others to know what we are doing..... we just like to do it... but having others know it is big “PART” of the “Power of Giving Everyone benefits just from hearing this story….  and I have to pass these good feelings on to others.  This is a concept that I am just learning to accept...  and if I can change anyone can.... This is How my friend is using the Geico Program, plus other idea's for you

Now for the importance of CRM….  Asking people for “Charitable Donations”, once a year can work…  just like asking your clients to BUY one or two times a year can work….

But is it the most effective means? 

I don't think so.  Keeping them informed on a regular basis and creating a "Relationship" with them...  Works so much more effectively.

Open regular communication using various types of media, creates friendships, and leads to loyal customers… 

A Survey by USA Today, found that when it came to donations: 

8 out of 10 Americans donated time or money in the last 12 months.

   2.  67% gave because they were asked to give by a family member or friend.

   3.  Only 24% gave because someone they did not know asked them to give.     

   4.  Only 9% gave because they were contacted by email. 

The last point had me saying to myself…  “What a great opportunity to start and use CRM Strategies to improve the success of emails”…. 

The same for us as business owners….  A once a year solicitation is NOT going to work….  But when used as part of an over all “Communications Strategy” for our business it can’t miss….

I predict that this last point when coupled with a strong CRM strategy will double and triple the revenues for donations in the future…

just as it will for your Sales in your businesses. As you can see Al Colby from the YMCA is already beginning to use this method.

So….  Begin to use the “Power of Giving”…  and watch as your business grow… 

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