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Here is a very simple process you can use to help increase your Business, by activating the "Power of Giving"....

As I mentioned in the CRM Tip for this week January 26, 2009, my friend and fellow Board Member for the YMCA is donating his referral's for this program to our Local YMCA.

This is something that can easily increase your business.  If you do business by way of Quotes, ask your employees, family and friends to participate by giving them a referral fee for every quote they bring in....  the more quotes the more opportunity for increased business.

In my friends case he has decided to donate that portion to our YMCA...  everybody wins...  Here is an example of that....

Gieco Quote

Oh, by the way if you want to help out our YMCA, just call in for a "Free Quote" and use this Referral Code: 115374... 

Another friend of mine in Australia used a similar strategy... He owned several franchises for all of Australia...  He also had a business of raising Race Horses, so he gave each of the patrons that visited his restaurant the option to donate towards a Race Horse and all of the proceeds went to the Cancer Society.  Good will for him and his business and the Cancer Society of Australia could continue their great work.  Everybody wins...

Paul Newman also used a similar strategy with his Spaghetti Sauce company...

All of these people understood the "Power of Giving" concept. 

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