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What is “The Competitive Advantage” and Why Should I Care?

By Kevin J. Barrettwww.kjbarrett.com Everybody has competition–competition for sales and competition for time, that is why it is important to use effective “Professional Sales Techniques“. When you call someone or make a sales presentation, you are competing against hundreds of other things that are trying to get the attention of that person, things that may […]

Can a good Salesperson, Sell almost anything?

Professional Sales Techniques “Can a good Salesmen, Sell almost anything”…. Well, I have personally found that I had to change the “Wording” for me to become effective and the wording I use…. Is “A good Salesperson can assist people “Buying & Owning” almost anything” The last statement is based on the people wanting to Buy […]

The Game of Networking… Is it really a Game?

And Can a Professional Sales Person use this Technique to have more Success:FULL Sales? By Kevin Barrett http://www.kjbarrett.com I had a question posed to me today…. That inferred that “Networking” was really a “Game” and you need to know the rules of the Game to play it… Or in the words of Kenny Rogers’ song, […]

As a Sales Professional, How do you know you have become an “Expert”?

By: Kevin Barrett http://www.kjbarrettcrm.com Or, Do we ever really become an “Expert”… at anything? This question was posed to me awhile back. I listened and contemplated the myriad of answers. The answers ranged from the old standards like, “An expert is anyone that is 60 miles away from home.” I guess that answer is derived from a “Prophet […]

Are Sales people really Entrepreneurs? Or Are Entrepreneurs really Sales people?

………Or who really cares and does it really matter? By Kevin Barrett http://www.kjbarrett.com This past weekend I attended a marketing seminar, specifically related to the Internet… It was put on by IMC Internet Marketing Center, Derek Gehl. Derek brought quite a few of his staff… I have used the “Insiders Secrets to Marketing you business […]

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