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The Instant Gratification of an Autoresponder

As you are very much aware, consumers today are eager to receive fast, efficient service. Whether it is the fault of the Internet, a characteristic of the rising generation, or some other reason, swift responses to customers and prospects has become an absolute must for small business owners. An autoresponder is the perfect solution for […]

Use the Magic Word!

When it comes to marketing, “free” is one of the most powerful, most overused, and most wrongly used words in the English language. You see, when most people want to use this word in their marketing, they’ll write it in big, bold letters, slap it in the headline, and wait for it to work its […]

Measure Your Marketing: What You Can Track

Several months ago, you were sent an email about the difference between marketing and advertising. Hopefully you took that message to heart. After all,one of the greatest benefits of marketing is the ability to measure your efforts. And, for a business owner, this is a valuable ability. You see, when you measure your marketing efforts… […]

What is Customer Retention? How does it relate to the Customer Life Cycle?

Or Is this really Important for a Small Business Enterprise ? By Kevin Barrett http://www.kjbarrettcrm.com This is a very interesting topic…. Trillion’s of Dollars are spent a year on Sales Training… most of that training is focused for getting New Customers…. IIn effect, trying to find new Professional Sales Techniques to gain a “competitive advantage”. It is also […]

To the Sales Professional, What is your Prime Motivator? And How important is it to you?

By Kevin Barretthttp://www.kjbarrett.com A Professional Sales Technique that will make all the difference. A friend of mine wrote a very interesting and informative article on “Networking”… One of the responses to her article was by a gentlemen that suggested that the “Motivation behind Networking” is also of importance. This caused me to reflect on the […]

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