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How to Lead Your Prospect to The Sale. - :

How to Lead Your Prospect to The Sale.

Posted on | July 22, 2009 | No Comments

By Kevin Barrett

Some of the feed back I have been receiving indicates that people are not always receiving my CRM Tips that I send out and because of this feed-back I have archived the past CRM Tips for easy access here Past KJ Barrett CRM Tips Archive

I have also been asked to post the CRM Tips here on my blog…. so I have also done this… This allows people to make comments and provide more direct feed back on these CRM Tips.

Thank you all for your feed back and enjoy the latest CRM Tips from KJ Barrett & Associates…

Did you know that your customers and prospects are being bombarded by over 3,000 marketing messages a day? That’s a lot of messages. And, in order to avoid information overload, they’ve trained their minds to completely ignore those messages.

Once you discover the steps to leading your customer to a sale…you can easily overcome those marketing filters.

I receive a lot of information via email from a lot of people. I relay on the internet and email for valuable information. I have people that I know and trust that send me great information that I can pass on with my own slant on the topic.

How do people get their messages to me? Well it boils down to these four easy steps, and they have followed these steps. Now, here are the steps to gently nudge your prospects towards a purchase decisions… exactly what others have done for me.

Step 1- Get to know them. When you know a lot about your prospect’s, your messages become much more targeted. Which gets your prospects attention. And, your prospects will feel as though you truly care about them. Keep in mind people do not like to be sold, but they love to buy. Create rapport with your prospects.

Step 2- Follow up consistently. When you consistently and effectively follow up with your prospects, your message will eventually sink in. In a previous CRM Tip, referred to this as “We can not control when people will buy, we cannot and should not force them to buy… our responsibility is to be there when they do decide to make a buying decision, and that is through “Open, Regular, Quality Communications.”

The statistics show that most companies stop following up after four contacts, and most purchases take place after seven contacts. So our responsibility is to be around when our prospects do decide to buy.

Step 3- Offer your prospect value. Every marketing message out there is an attempt to get your prospects money. Imagine how you’ll stand out when your message does more than make a sell. It educates, engages, entertains and/or helps your prospect in some way. Value does not equate to the lowest price. Price is only one part of the Value Equation.

Step 4- Value your prospects. Once your prospect becomes your customer, don’t abandon them. They need the same attention you offered them as a prospect’s. Offer that same personal attention and they will become a raving fan! This is one of the most important and I am sorry to say the most overlooked step…. I call this step building a “Loyalty Ladder”….. and you will be surprised how many people they will send your way.

If you’ve been reading these messages consistently, this will sound very repetitive to you. However, these are fail proof methods for turning your prospects to customers and your customers to raving fans. And, that is worth a whole lot to your bottom line!

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