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The "Kickoff" of the "Y Achievers" - :

The “Kickoff” of the “Y Achievers”

Posted on | May 9, 2012 | No Comments

I have not made a Blog Posting is a long time….  I have been devoting my time with something that I have been very passionate about for a long time.  That passion has been working with kid’s and helping provide strategies and tools that will help them obtain higher grades in school and also help to empower them to be self sustaining contributing members of our community.  I have been working with the Local High School and Middle Schools, on a variety of different fronts…  One front as a Sports Coach, coaching Basketball, Soccer and track… The other front is that of a Mentor, utilizing some innovative and successful techniques developed overtime, that can help kid’s be successful on the “Sports Field” and also in the “Class Room”.

More about those strategies and techniques in my subsequent postings…

I will start off my Blog Posting with a program I am very excited about.  Recently, we established a Partnership between the Local High School (Zepheryhills High School, Zephyrhills Flordia) and the East Pasco YMCA…  (Recently re-branded as “The Y” to be more inclusive and representative of demographic;s of our communities)

We are calling the program The “Y Achievers”…

Pastor Tim Mitchell speaks to ZHS students about the importance of making the right decisions during the Y Achievers kickoff.

The East Pasco YMCA has partnered with Zephyrhills High School to provide a program that supports students with tutors and mentors on a weekly basis. Every Thursday, preselected students come to the YMCA so meet with community leaders and mentors. Students also have the opportunity to meet with tutors from local colleges and universities to assist in various academic areas. As an incentive, the students are given a free YMCA teen membership so they can be a part of an uplifting and healthy environment throughout the week. The East Pasco YMCA is committed to improving students’ attendance and graduation rates and providing a safe and positive place to be after school.


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