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Product Review: BeBiz - :

Product Review: BeBiz

Posted on | August 6, 2009 | No Comments

By Kevin Barrett

Last year I started using BeBiz. BeBiz it is a product from the Internet Marketing Center. I have been associated with IMC, since 1997. I was living and working in Australia at the time and I had an Internet Education Project I was working on… it was then I met Cory Rudl, the founder of the Internet Marketing Center.

Over the years I have continually referred to that group for information and cutting edge Internet Technologies and Information.

Setting up an on-line business can be quite easy….. Setting up a Successful On-Line Business, is not as easy. It requires certain steps and a lot of research. Most people do not do the up front research for niche’s, opportunities, and after that getting the website up and running. Starting and business requires some work…. and if the truth be known, a lot of work… it is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

So, when the Internet Marketing Center came out with BeBiz I was one of the first to put it through it’s moves. In fact I still use this product as it is one of the best for logically taking you through the exact steps in getting your business up and running and running quickly.

What is BeBiz?

BeBiz is an easy-to-use interactive program that guides you every step of the way as you create your own Internet business.

It includes full video tutorials that walk you through each step – removing every single barrier standing between you and your own successful online business.

Below are the crucial steps that Bebiz guides you through in order to turn an idea into a money making business…

A. Market Research
Find customers who are already waiting to buy BEFORE you decide what to sell.

1. Guarantee there’s DEMAND for your product or service before you develop the business!

2. Be 100% confident that your business has REAL profit potential!

3. Transform your personal interests, hobbies, and experiences into a profitable Web business!

4. Evaluate your competition to be certain you can compete with a unique offer and still enjoy a significant profit per sale!

B. Products
Select the right product for your market, then set up for delivery.

There are absolutely NO LIMITS to what you can sell on the Web (provided it’s legal of course 😉 …

1. Sell information products like newsletters, eBooks, memberships, courses, audio series, video series, and more!

2. Sell physical products you’ll deliver via Fedex or Courier!

3. Or even use the website to attract qualified leads for your service business or your brick-and-mortar offline store!

… It’s completely up to you!

C. Salescopy
Fill in the blanks and watch your own compelling salesletter come to life.

Obviously, one of the attractions of running an automated Internet business is that it can generate sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, to attract those sales, you’ll need some compelling salescopy hard at work on your website!

If you’ve never written salescopy before, don’t worry.

With BeBiz, you’ll simply fill in the blanks, click a button, and out will pop a ready-to-go salesletter that’s been 100% customized for you, which you can use to start selling your product or service right away!

For example, BeBiz will prompt you to…

1. Cherry pick from the array of proven headlines offered, or use the custom headline feature to write your own.

2. Fill in your subhead, salutation, problem, and credibility-builders to create the backbone of your copy.

3. Flesh out your salescopy so it leads visitors through a clear, step-by-step sales process. You’ll tell your story, add testimonials, and explain how the reader will benefit from your product.

4. Then use BeBiz’s examples and wizards to close the sale, offer a guarantee, ask for the order, show a price reduction, and add a signature.

… And of course, the library of proven examples provided in BeBiz make writing your salescopy easier than ever before.

It’s everything you need to write persuasive copy that converts maximum website traffic into eager, paying customers!

The easily assemble a functioning, professional sales website in no time at all with a wide range of templates.

D. Website
Overcome the #1 hurdle faced by wannabe Internet business owners…

Launching your first website!

It’s confusing, right?

Do you learn HTML? Spend $300 to $1000 on expensive design and graphics software? (And then another $200+ on books and tutorials to learn to use it?)

Or, do you drop $500 to $3,500+ hiring a web designer?

With BeBiz, you won’t face these challenges.

Because BeBiz already includes every tool you need to create a professional looking ecommerce website designed to convert maximum visitors into maximum sales!

… Every step has been laid out for you in advance.

As you finish each task, BeBiz will prompt you to move onto the NEXT step of creating your ecommerce website. You just point, click, and when asked, type the product descriptions and sales details required. BeBiz does all the heavy lifting of transforming YOUR choices and text into a compelling sales website!

And by simply choosing the “Publish My Website” button, you can immediately launch your website live on the Internet, where visitors can instantly view it and start making purchases!

It’s that easy!

E. Payment
Set up and easy payment system that accepts credit cards.

The ecommerce website you create using the BeBiz Business Management Center can be easily hooked up to PayPal, arguably the most recognized payment processor on the Web!

You can start accepting credit cards from your website right away, using a trusted payment service that your audience will already be familiar with!

F. Contacts
Harness the power of email marketing for future sales.

Here’s another big hurdle that BeBiz will sweep aside for you… Adding an email opt-in form to your website!

It’s well known that the majority of people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase.

So it’s absolutely essential that you capture the names and emails of these folks -– because they’re clearly your hottest sales leads!

With as little as just 4 to 7 email contacts with these people, you can expect to convert as many as 30% to 40% of them to paying customers!

The problem is most small business owners find adding an opt-in form to their website confusing, frustrating, and generally intimidating!

Where do you get the opt-in form?
How do you add it to website?
Where are the emails sent?
How do you deliver the “opt-in offer”?
And how do you manage your subscribers?
With BeBiz, you won’t need to worry…

Because BeBiz will do all the complex coding in the background.

G. Traffic
Learn industry secrets that will drive potential buyers to your site.

Start Driving Eager, Qualified Potential Buyers To Your Website…

It’s absolutely essential that once your new website is ready to launch, you have a plan for attracting 1,000s qualified potential buyers.

And BeBiz helps you here, too.

Your Business Management Center includes step-by-step guidance for:

Attracting FREE traffic from search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo -– without spending $1,000s on SEO services!

Getting high-traffic websites to give you links, for the double benefit of attracting more visitors and better search engine rankings!

Using low-risk paid advertising campaigns to attract highly targeted sales leads that are easily converted to paying customers!

So after launching, you can watch a stampede of eager buyers arrive at your website and start making purchases!

Well maybe not a stampede but visitors that are highly targeted so that you can start to earn income off this business.

This product has my highest recommendation, and should be in every Internet Marketeers arsenal.

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