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Physical, Mental or Cyber harassment can close down your business - :

Physical, Mental or Cyber harassment can close down your business

Posted on | February 24, 2006 | 1 Comment

By Kevin Barrett http://www.kjbarrett.com

This topic may seem a little out of place on a Blog for Professional Sales Techniques, however, I think it is an important topic that should be brought up for review….

So…. Here it goes…. And after reading this I think you will agree it may actually be a very appropriate topic to be included as a Professional Sales Technique

When I was training the Unemployed… I found that many of the participants were subjected to a Power/Control scenario… So often we think of abuse in terms of Physical or Sexual abuse….

I came across a project called the Duluth Project… from Duluth Minnesota

There are two wheels that they use

One the Power/Control


And the other is called the equity Wheel


I asked those in the group to look at the wheel not only from the standpoint of violence/abuse but also from the standpoint of the work place…. I think if we make the same transposition we can also see the abuses that can take place in the Work place… Sexual harassment is just one of the aspects of a more profound deep seat problem…

I then started to train Corporate client and used these wheels… I did not purposely change the wording, but I talked through the change of wording as it related to the work place… It was a very powerful technique…

They could easily say I do not use abuse but when confronted with scenario’s in the work place that were similar to the wheels the recognition of the problem became, self evident….

I had senior executive say Oh my God, that’s what I am doing to my wife or partner… or I used money as a means of controlling my employee…

Very interesting and very powerful recognition and changes took place.

Today I was speaking with a friend.. where her boss has been making comments, non supportive comments, and also using bullying tactics to, I am sure in his mind to motive the employee to give more to the company….

i.e. If you were really committed to this company you would come in during your off time and spend an hour or two helping out….

She put in for another job with in the organization, and she was told no, she had not proven herself by doing the above…

Now, she is a single mother, with an 8 year old son… and I have first hand experience on the High level of job performance she has been providing for this boss…

And it is not only I but everyone that has had anything to do with her in her position… they have all spoke with the highest compliments…

Now something is out of line here….. I download these wheels again…. And it confirms what can be termed as Abuse… not physical or sexual… but abuse of power… in the work place…

Now I have intervened and I have recommend work place mediation… I really don’t think the boss understands what he is doing…

And I believe once people are aware of another way of doing things they should be given that opportunity to make that shift…

And my friend can continue, work at something she is very good at and she also loves doing… except for this situation…

I would suggest that all business entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals become familiar with the Duluth Project Wheels and use them as a tool to improve their management and communications skills….

With education maybe we can make the workplace and cyberspace a safer work environment to be in……

I really hope we can make a difference with this problem….

An continue to have more Success:FULL Sales….

Kevin Barrett

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