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Follow-up Forever: the Key to Effective Marketing
Date: September 8, 2008


I recently sent you the "7 secrets To Follow-up Mastery". However, I received a few questions
I thought I would address in this email.

What is the REAL purpose of follow-up?
Not everybody is ready to purchase your products or services right now. But that
doesn't mean they won't eventually.
Follow-up keeps your name in front of your contacts until they are ready to buy.

When should my first follow-up message go out? Immediately. If you obtained a lead from your website, make sure they instantly receive an email from you. If you purchase your leads, get in touch with them right away. If you spoke to a prospect in person or on the phone, send them a follow-up message. Don't give them time to forget about you. Start building that relationship right now.

How frequently should I follow up with my contacts? When first marketing to a lead or customer, it's all right to send them several sequential emails. Remember, the average person needs to hear your message seven times before they buy. Follow up regularly during the first year of contact. After that you can include them in a less frequent campaign.

How long should I continue to follow up? Follow up should continue indefinitely. If you have a system in place, this should be a simple task. It never hurts to stay in touch. After all, you can never guess when a prospect will be ready to buy.

If you take the time to consistently follow up with ALL your prospects and customers, you will be adding hundreds, even thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

P.S. If you did not receive the 7 Magnetic Marketing Secrets series, you can download all 7 secrets in one consolidated pamphlet:

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Mastering Follow-up


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