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The Subliminal Logic of the Up-Sell
Date: February 9th, 2009




The moment a prospect decides to buy SHOULD NOT be the moment you stop selling. Selling should continue indefinitely. You should be cross selling, up-selling, and every other direction selling you possibly can. And, believe it or not, your customers will love you for it!

Here are some examples to help you understand why:

It's almost impossible to go to a fast food restaurant without having someone ask you if you would like to "Supersize That." Once that happens, it's like an invisible force is speaking to the irrational side of our brains. We have a brief moment of logic as we figure out-59 cents more, for double the food, is a great value. But, that is the full extent of our logical power. Afterwards, irrationality steps in, and rather than consider if we can even eat double the food, we pat ourselves on the back for being smart consumers.

This is the very purpose behind coupon distribution. If you are standing in front of the canned beans in a grocery store and there is a coupon attached to each can, how many cans of beans are you going to buy? You only needed one. But there's that consumer logic at work again. "30 cents off is a great bargain! I'm buying five cans!" And, you go home with more beans than you could possibly need, but a receipt that shows your "savings." What a deal!

The very best time to up-sell is right when your customer has purchased. If you're not up-selling during and after the buying process, start doing it now. Right now!

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