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Effectively Manage Your Business and Your Life
Date: December 8, 2008



If you're like most business owners, you have more to do than time to do it.

But too many entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in their companies, they forget to take care of the other aspects of their lives. And the results can be devastating! Families are neglected, friends are lost, and the physical and mental health of the small business owner declines. (Just to name a few.)

I learned a long time ago that two of the first things to be adversely affected by "Stress", are our Physical and Mental wellbeing. 

When these two aspects are not in balance, it has an adverse affect on just about every other parts of our life. Including our business, family life, and our relationships. (Personal relationships, business relationships and customer relationships.)

So here are some tips for being able to successfully manage your
company and your life, plus, REDUCE "Stress":

  • Automate your business- this was the topic of an email several weeks ago. If you haven't taken the time to realize the value of automation, do so soon. With your business on auto-pilot you have more time for other things.
  • Put systems into place- mistakes are made when processes are not systematized. When processes are consistent, fewer mistakes are made?€?and there are fewer fires to put out.
  • Take a day off- despite the temptation to work a 7-day week, take at least one day for yourself. You will see your productivity and your health improve. (Not to mention how happy your family will be to see you.)
  • Go home- set a time schedule for yourself. Schedule the number of hours you will work and stick to that plan.
  • Set your priorities- there's always another crisis to solve. So be sure to make special occasions with friends and family a top priority. Don't allow a business "disaster" to hold you back. After all, there's bound to be another one tomorrow.
  • Make your Health and fitness a priority-  Many years ago, I took up running as a means of "Stress Release".  For me running was something I could always fit in no matter where I was.  All I needed was my running shoes, and some exercise clothes and off I went.  The benefits I found from this, was better Mental Health, more creativity, and during a run I usually found an answer to some problem that I was facing.  So, find your own exercise that fits into your life and business style. Make it a priority, and you will "Reap the Benefits".  Too many to list here in this short CRM Tip.

None of the points in this CRM Tip are new to you. You know it all. But unless you are willing to take these suggestions to heart, you will never be able to effectively manage your life.

And remember, nobody ever lay on their deathbed wishing they had spent more time at the office!

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