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Creating a "Wow" Experience: Give Them More
Date: December 29, 2008



Have you ever put on a pair of pants and found a five-dollar bill in your pocket? Can you recall a time when someone bought you lunch simply to be nice? Do you remember what it feels like to receive a present "just because?" Well, that's the type of feeling you provide your customers when you give them more than they are expecting.

Imagine how your customer will feel about you, when they purchase a product or service and receive an added bonus. Imagine how your prospects will respond to your marketing when they receive a free gift (without even making a purchase!)

Giving "more" is a simple, inexpensive way to instantly improve your relationship with both customers and prospects.

Ideas for gifts... that cost you nothing!
Free Whitepapers
Free Reports
Admittance to webinars
Industry specific bonuses (i.e. recipes, sporting tips, coupons)
Trial offers

Ideas for gifts... that cost you a small amount
Company logo items (hats, water bottles, mouse pads, etc.)
Non-related materials (stuffed animals, candy, paperweights, etc)
One of your products or services at no cost to them

The return on your "gift" investment could be worth thousands of dollars in sales. Make that extra effort and give your customers more than they are looking for.

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