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How to Give More of Yourself
Date: December 15, 2008




Several months ago, you received a series of emails entitled, "7 Magnetic Marketing Secrets to Explode Your Profits." As part of that series, you learned why it is important for you to add personality and genuineness to your marketing messages.

Well, here are some tips for where and when to give more of yourself:

Years ago, when I first left 3M company and started my own businesses. I decided I would have business cards printed up that had a picture of myself on the card.  This is something that Eastman Kodak had done. They were in the Photographic Business so they thought it was a great idea to have everyone that used business cards in the company, have a picture of themselves on that card.

This seemed like a good idea.  I did not realize what a great idea it was.  After several years of handing out my "Photo Business Cards", I was going to meet a client, on a Sunday at a local Harbor Hotel.  As I was sitting in the lobby waiting for him.  It suddenly dawned on me that I did not know what he looked liked.

We had completed several large transactions, over the years and it had all been over the phone. We were meeting for the first time, this was hard for me to believe, while I sat in the lobby, because over that time we had learned so much about each other and developed a mutual trust.

As I waited a gentleman walked into the lobby and came up to me straight way with a big smile on his face, and greeted me, shook my hand saying "Kevin, it's good to see you. How have you been?" 

I mentioned to him that, this was the first time we had met "Face to Face"... He told me that whenever we spoke on the phone he had my "Photo Business Card" at the side of the phone so it was like we were actually speaking "Face to Face". We had a big laugh about that. 


Oh, by the way we actually did that transaction also!

So in addition to the following suggestions, I would also like also suggest that you

Use a photo of yourself, so that people can actually see who you are. At least a photo that's not 15 years old. Make it a recent one! It can help develop trust faster, when people have a visual impression of who you are.
In a blog- this is a perfect opportunity to share personal stories, your thoughts, and your opinions with your customers and prospects. In marketing, the message should revolve around your prospects. In a blog, the posts revolve around you. (Just be sure the thoughts you have are interesting enough to keep the attention of your customers and prospects.)

On your website- your website needs to answer one important question for your prospects: why you? Give of yourself on your homepage. Share stories, pictures, and descriptions of your company, in addition to pointing out the benefits you provide. The more you include, the more a prospect feels they know... and can trust you.

In webinars, teleseminars, etc.- when people can physically see or hear your passion and excitement for your company, they will be much more inclined to trust you. Laugh a little, tell a personal story, address your audience cordially, and you will see a positive response from your contacts.

In your marketing messages- your marketing messages, as already explained, need to revolve around your customer. However, that doesn't mean you can't add your own unique phrases and voice to your message.

Have fun and be yourself! Your contacts will reward you for your efforts with increased sales!

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